Friday, June 17, 2011


I'll be taking part in the Willie & Snoop exhibition at the R&R Gallery. More details below:

What? You didn’t know they were best friends?
Honestly, neither did we at first. We recently stumbled across this golden fact, and thought it was so wonderful, we had to pay tribute.
Simply put, we are fans.
Come out and see what we’ve baked up this time. We’re pretty high about it. And don’t hate….
In the immortal words of Snoop,
“If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me.”

Group show featuring art by
Austen Stanton • Carly Ealey • Carrie Cottini • Chico Munson • Chris Pastras • Cody Comrie • cw • Dan Christofferson • Dan Park • Dave Frey • Dominic DiSaia • Emily Hart Wood • Erin Wong • Evanimal • Stink • Famous When Dead • Mr Frivolous • Greg Shirilla • HABBENINK • Heather MicMillen • Ian Bragg • James Haunt • Jeben Berg • Jess Sluder • Jesse Williams • Justin Fry • Kat Popovic • Kevin Lewis • Kevin Sukho Lee • Kube • Madsteez • Natsuki Otani • Robert Bowen • Robyn Shinn • Scarecrowoven • Sean Fahlen • Steven Van • Terry Wolfinger • Toki • Travis Shinn • Trent Call & wotto

Willie & Snoop
Opening reception
Friday June 24th, 2011 8p – Midnight
Ongoing from the 27th – July 8th

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